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Adshir was founded by Dr. Reuven Bakalash, a well published and renowned expert in the field of parallel computing and graphics. First funded in 2014 and with a small team of brilliant engineers, the company was able to demonstrate the first proof of concept at CES 2018, to show that real-time ray tracing is possible on mobile devices.

Today, Adshir is a graphics technology powerhouse and the first to deliver real-time ray tracing solution for  battery powered devices. Delivering LocalRay, a solution for Physically Accurate Graphics, in real-time, for AR/VR (XR). The technology is protected by a strong IP.

Meet Our Team

Adshir Team

Reuven Bakalash Ph.d.

CEO, Founder

Founded and successfully launched three companies: Terra, Hyperroll (purchased by Oracle), Lucid (technology purchased by Google). Inventor of 180+ patents.

Ron Weitzman


An expert and leader in the field of computer generated 3D graphics. More than 15 years of Industry experience.

Offir Remez, M.Sc.

Board Member,
 Active Biz Dev

20 year business track record with over $60M in sales in the digital media, mobile and consumer graphics market

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