First funded: 2014, led by experienced entrepreneurs

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Technology: Real-Time Low-Power Ray Tracing (LocalRay™)

Biz Model: Software Licensing 

Markets: AR/VR, PC, Mobile & Console Gaming

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Dr. Reuven Bakalash

CEO, Founder

Founded and Successfully launched four companies, two were acquired by Oracle and Google. 

Taught and researched at Stony Brook NY, Hofstra University NY, and BGU Israel.

Inventor of over 200 patents.

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Ron Weitzman


An expert and leader in the field of computer-generated 3D graphics. 

More than 20 years of industry experience. 

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Offir Remez

Board, Active BizDev

20 years of business track record with Multi-Million dollar deals in the digital media, mobile and consumer graphics market.

Executive and co-founder of two companies.

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Itzik Ben Haroosh


25 years of experience in management and business leadership. CPA/L.L.M. with an established record of success in significantly growing enterprise